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The Three Branches
As I thought about the "Tree Without Branches" God showed me that there are three types of branches.  I heard no specific voice at this time, but the words that entered my heart were just as strong and piercing as before.
The first kind of branch is that which the Lord loves, for this branch abides in Him, therefore He also abides in them.  As a branch derives it's life from the tree, so also do those who abide in the Lord derive eternal life.  His power and authority flows through us, like blood through the veins of a person, strengthening them, purifying them, giving them life.  God is able to bear fruit through these faithful ones.  He will do some pruning, but that is to our benefit, and to His glory, that we might bear much fruit.
The second is a branch which He hates.  These are they which once received the salvation of God through the shed blood of Jesus, but have grown materialistic, proud, self-serving.  Instead of doing the work of the Lord or allowing the Holy Spirit work through them, they imagine their salvation is secure and do as they please.  They do not realize that God has already cut them off from the tree and they lay on the ground dead.  Unless these be grafted back in they shall be reserved for the fire at the Day of Judgment.
The third type of branch are those to whom God issues a warning.  For they are those who have allowed sin to creep into their lives and gain mastery over them.  They are still attached to the tree, but they have begun to pull out, like a branch that has broken away from the trunk.  It hangs there, but is not really IN the tree.  These, who have begun to bear fruit, become infected with the poison of their sins and that poison passes on to the fruit they are bearing.  This fruit, when it matures, shall by its weight pull the branch fully away from the tree.  In that day both the branch and the fruit shall perish.  God warns us to tend to our relationship with Jesus.  To keep our walk with Him fresh day after day.  If we do not do this we will find ourselves under attack.  As we fight off attack on one front the enemy will slip in at the side and we will be defeated from within.
No one has yet aspired to being totally faithful, and therefore no one can be sure that they are of that first type.  I mean no disrespect, but there are those who think they have attained a place where they have found favor in the eyes of God.  If we have indeed found favor in the eyes of God it is because of Jesus living in us by the power of the Holy Spirit and has nothing to do with our being good enough.  Sadly this places many in the second category of those thinking that all is well, when in fact judgment is coming upon them and they are unaware of its swift approach.  They shall be as dry brush caught in a brush fire.  They shall burn and be remembered no more.  It is the last group were most of us find ourselves.  We struggle to keep holding on, to be what God wants us to be.  When we struggle in the flesh, our branch tears a little further from the tree.  When we struggle in the Spirit, we find that through humility and repentence, God in His mercy restores to us that which was lost.  For His Will is that we should be conformed into the image of His Son.  Repent therefore, oh church, that you might receive the healing of the Lord and be grafted back in that you might bear Him much fruit.