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Welcome to the Doorway of God
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I saw, as it were, the face of a great Temple.  It's pillars rose high above the doorway at its center.  It was inscribed upon with Greek lettering, above the pillers and between them, yet above the doorway.  Six shimmering silver stars were inlaid within its face and a seventh sat over it like a crown.  To the left, as I faced it, on the complex facing over the pillars, was the single Greek letter "Alpha".  On the corresponding opposite side, that is to say, to my right, was the letter "Omega".  These being the First and Last letters of the Greek alphabet.  Between these was a single word written , when translated to English was the name "Jesus".
A certain awe crept over me as I realized its meaning, for truly Jesus is the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.  Yet below His wonderful name, and still above the pillars, was the proclaimation, when translated, declared this Jesus, this Alpha and Omega, to be the "Doorway to God".  The Seven Stars gleamed in the light as if supernatural eyes gazed down into my soul.
Then, translating the inscription above the door to the Temple I was filled with something akin to fear, although it was more like unto shame, yet mixed with joy wrought of humility in spirit.  For the words called out to all who read them, "Enter through His blood and find rest and peace."  And ther, hardly noticed among the grandeur of its surroundings I saw the door likened unto the shape of a wooden cross.  From it flowed a river of blood, which ran down the Temple's steps and came nigh unto my feet, whereupon I decerned these words, "Enter into His gates with thanksgiving.  Enter into His courts with praise."  And my heart cried out within me, "Yea, my Lord.  I will enter into Thy gates with thanksgiving, for Thou hast given me much to be thankful for.  I will enter into thy courts with praise, for my heart is even now overflowing with words of praise to Thee."
As I began to ascend the steps towards the Cross one other thought prevailed upon my mind.  Here, as we come to the Cross of Christ, as we accept the mercy of God shown to us by this Holy Blood, shed for our sins, there is no inequality, no religion, no difference between nationality and race, there is no special inner circle here.  Here we enter and become part of God's family and are made His children, all different, yet different as He so wills.  Here we enter into true fellowship, not merely with God, although that would indeed be grand enough, but here we enter into the Holy Fellowship of His Cross.
Through here we intend to discuss Jesus, His role in our Salvation, healing, adoption and sanctification.  The focus is the Jesus, and upon the cross on which He died for us.  Also here we wil have a a brief explanation on "how to become a Christian" as well as a simple prayer (to be used as a guide, not repeated verbatum).  For here, at the foot of the cross, as we enter into the Holy of Holies, in Christ we are all made equal.  Let us therefore enter in with thanksgiving.

Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  No man cometh unto the Father but by Me."