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Just a Little Background on Me
I'm a retired correctional officer. My wife and I are both loosely connected with the school system. She drives a bus and I'm a part time library clerk. I'm also a lisenced minister and a writer. Pretty much I'm a simple kind of guy. My mind, however, seems disconnected with the rest of the world sometimes. I see things and jump from topic to topic without notice. Anyone who's ever talked to me knows that half the problem with that is trying to keep up with my switching topics. I also serve as the Director of Operations under Pastor Erik Hossann for SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE MINISTRIES, which you can learn more about by going to


From the Heart of David

THE 3RD COVENANT can now be purchased at most online book stores. To find out more go From the Heart of David.
I ask each of you Christians out there to keep me in prayer.  Things are getting rough, and that's good, but I want to remain true to the end.  In fact I want to become stronger, purer, more holy to the glory of God.

 Look to Jesus, for I am but a man.  Only Jesus can take away your sins.

What a Face!

That's me alright!  As embarrassed as I am about my huge nose and taxi door ears I was reminded by a dear brother that God doesn't make mistakes.  So this is how God made me.  If it bothers you take it up with Him ;-)


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

The Passion of the Christ
The Lord of the Rings (all 3 of them by Peter Jackson)
Most of Jackie Chan's work
Mel Gibson in EVERYTHING (except the Mad Max series)
Chicken Run
Finding Elmo
Monster's Inc.
Toy Story (1 and 2)
  plus: action films, drama and comedy.
With that in mind check out the Chonda Pierce site for some sidesplitting Christian laughter.

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

I like the "oldies" fans.  Give me the Beach Boys, The Turtles, Simon and Garfunkel, Glen Campbell, that kind of thing.  I do, however, appreciate most other forms of music, or will tolerate it if I don't like it ;-)