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You can visit this church online using the follwing link:


Here are some links I hope you'll find useful.  The first two are my favorite Christian Goth sites.  If you're a Goth and a Christian you know what that's about.  If you're a Goth and not a Christian find out how you can become both.  If you're a Christian and not Goth, these people are getting it right!!!
This is a fantastic site.  It's good for teens searching for answers to hard questions as well as parents trying to reach their kids. Don't miss her testimony.  It's awesome.
Here's another great site.  It's part of the EZboard message board network.  EZboard is, well, easy to join and go from one board to another.  This site is the best Christian site I've found yet.
Here's a link to an old site of mine:
(it's an old site and some of the links may be broken, but there's still some good stuff lying around there.  I still have to change the email address to


Those wishing to donate and either don't have the cash on hand or find it difficult to get around to doing so may use the above link.  There all it costs is the time it takes to find the charity that you wish to donate to and click on the appropriate icon.  That's it!   Donate for FREE today!