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Wickham Church
"The Church Family that's a Family Church"
32 Bruce St.
Port Jervis, NY  12771
All are invited, if not to join, then to visit and share with us the joy of worshipping Jesus, the King of all kings, while you are in the area.
Sunday Morning Bible Classes - 9:30 AM
Sunday Morning Praise and Worship - 10:30 AM
Sunday Morning Worship - 11:00 AM
Tuesday Night Praise and Worship  Practice - 6:00 PM
Watch for special meetings to be held on Saturday mornings!!!
Pastor Robin Martineau
Assistant Pastor Robert Lindsey
Wickham Church is one of the most wonderful places I've ever set foot in.  The Word of God is preached without being watered down or fear of offending society.  It is preached in love and compassion, but with fervor and power in the Spirit of God.
I have been to a number of churches growing up, most of which were fairly good churches.  Yet here I feel at home.  I feel as if I have really entered "God's House".  The love of the people, the acceptance of all, the fellowship of the believers are all part of this.  The greater part, however, is the way God's Spirit moves among His people.  Understand, now, that we are still His children, and as such prone to make mistakes.  Still, we strive towards perfection, although not being perfect.  We would be honored to have you join us in fellowship any Sunday.  And after the service, stick around and allow the "kitchen ministry" to bless you as we continue our fellowship over dinner.
Here are some historical facts about Wickham Church, how it began and how it got its name.  The most important part, however, is not its name or its history, but the future that Christ has secured in Himself when He rose from the grave.
Wickham Church is the oldest church built to meet the spiritual needs of African Americans in Port Jervis, New York.   Founded in 1850 by Rev. Charles Wesley Greene, making Wickham older than the "City" of Port Jervis.  The small church met at Brown Hall, what is now  the restored Erie Depot, and referred to as "Wickham's Block".  The place of meeting moved several times over the years until it came to its current address at 32 Bruce Street. 
Dr. Wickham gave generously to see that this building was completed and the church has been named after him.
Wickham Church is historic in that it not only serves the African American community, but other nationalities as well.  The church is well mixed, not only in color or nationality, but by age.