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Hope of Glory Ministries - India

A lot has happened since the tsunamis of 12-26-04.  People are still in need.  I wanted to share with you a prayer that Brothe Babu has sent to me.  You can find it by going to the following link:
Dear Lord
One of the many ministries that was affected by the tsunamis of 12-26-04 was Hope of Glory.  While most of the buildings remain standing and most of the people are still alive they have still suffered a lot of loss.  Family members and other loved ones died.  Properties were completely destroyed.  Pastor Babu is throwing a lot of his efforts into restoring the physical needs of the people in India.  There are many other ministries and I would not impose any one of them above the other.  This is a ministry that I have personally adopted.  I DO ask that you do something for those who are hurting, whether by supporting this ministry or another.  I ask you to guard against government support and other secular support, as they usually tend to use situations like this to line their own pockets.   Let your light for Jesus shine clearly before mankind by showing your support in accordance with the will of God in your life.  Be obedient to Him and miracles shall happen.  God will be glorified.
Those wishing to write Hope of Glory Ministries can email them using the link found later on in this page.  If you wish to write them directly or send them money you can do so sending it to:
Hope of Glory Ministries (India)
Mr. dokka Banerjee babu
H-No=5 170/171, GANGURU
Vijayawada, A.P. 521139
Hope of Glory Ministries is out of India and run by Pastor Babu.  The area he ministers to is so far out of the way that most missionaries don't ever get there.  It is very poor and he is in need of both financial support and, if possible, people willing to visit and help teach and preach to the people.
Since this is primarily for Hope of Glory Ministries their email is as follows:
Pray and allow God to direct you to whether or not you should give and if you should how much. 
If you cannot give anything, than what do yo have to offer anyone?  I say that not as a rebuke, but as a reminder.  The very fact that they are so poor has helped in preparing them for the tsunamis.  Not that it has not been so devastating, but can you imagine an American whose idea of being poor is that they can't go out to eat this week facing such destruction?  They had so little so that what was taken away was almost expected to be lost.  Give them hope, if not financially, then in prayer.  Write them.  Encourage them.  Let them know that you are willing to stand by them and help them.  We have one thing we can give, ourselves.  It may not be to Hope of Glory ministries, but to some other ministry.  It may be to some home mission field.  If we don't minister to those here at home then it will be us who need the missionaries.  It has already begun to swing in that direction.  Pray and give as God would have you give in the way He would have you give TO whomsoever He would have you give.

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