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This is a special link, and I hope will develop into more than just a link to another site.  Perhaps if I explain more you will understand. 
In the Book of Acts the apostle Paul was on a missionary journey, I believe it was his second journey, and he wanted to go into a certain area, but the Holy Spirit witheld him.  That night he had a dream of a man from Macedonia calling to him to come to them and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Paul was obedient and God worked mightily throughout Macedonia through Paul and other ministers of the Word.
Now I have received an email about a Christian living in Macedonia.  He became a Christian in 1998, but was almost immediately thrown into a period of darkness.  It was in this period he learned to trust in the Lord.  It did not happen over night, nor is it complete, but he respects the things of God more so now than the things of the world.  To say much more would be to give his testimony and I would be wrong to do so.
Yet I want to mention to you this much.  When I heard that he was from Macedonia I could not get the image of Paul's dream out of my mind.  For God spoke to Paul in a vision where he saw a man from Macedonia, and I am wondering if God is once again speaking to His people through a man from Macedonia.  Let us therefore "go up" and minister to him and allow him to minister to us in the Spirit of Christ. 
To read his testimony click on the following link:
Here's the link to his site: