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The Tree Without Branches
One night as I was trying to get to sleep the Lord gave me a vision of a tree without branches.  The tree was good and strong, but all the branches of the tree had been cut off and lay at the base of the tree.
God said, "This is My Church!  Unless they graft themselves back into the tree I will surely cast them out."
These words rang true, for didn't Jesus say that unless we abide in Him and His word abide in us we could bear no fruit?  Didn't Jesus say that if we do not bear fruit the Father would come and cut them from the Vine? (John 15)  Yet I was shocked to see that NO branches were in the tree, but that ALL had been cut off.  I said, "God, surely some of Your people have been faithful unto you.  Why are all the branches cut off?"
God answered and said unto me, "That is so that no one can say this message is not for them!"
Understand, people of the House of God, the Word of the Lord.  He is coming soon, but He expects to come and find a people serving Him, working for Him, expecting His return.  He does not expect to find us being lazy, compromising our faith, ashamed of the very Gospel that brings life.  Repent therefore, each one of you.  Between you and the Lord find out where your failings are and deal with them.  Seek His forgiveness and you will find it.  Allow God to graft you back into His Son, the Tree of Life that you may not be cast out of His presence.
Some will say this message is not of the Lord.  That they will have to take up before God.  Some will say that you cannot loose your salvation.  I bear witness with the Lord, by His Spirit, that there will come a day when many who have worked hard in the church, but have forgotten their first love, they have forgotten Jesus, the gift of God's love and mercy, by whom we are saved, they shall not enter into the kingdom of God.  As Jesus said, "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. " (Matthew 7:21)  Therefore repent and be made holy, find forgiveness today, while it is yet Day.  The time of harvest is come.  God shall separate the wheat from the tares.  Do not let anything come into your life that would rob you of so precious a salvation.