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Your Word says to keep my heart will all diligence, for out of it springs the issues of life [Prov 4:23]. Lord, teach me to keep my heart. Teach me to guard it, to be alert so that nothing unclean enters to pollute it. Teach me to take heed what I hear, and cause me not to be in places or with people who speak in belief and ungodly words that will take faith from my heart [Mk4:24]. Give me Your discernment to make a deliberate choice never to be in situation that would compromise my heart, and grant me Yours grace and strength to withstand the pressures to do so. Lord, You said to keep words in midst of my heart [Prov 4:21]]. So today, I make time to mediate upon and speak Your words, to let them sink in to my heart and saturate my spirit. Lord, lead and guide me, so that throughout this day, Your words will continually surface and dominate my innermost being. Give me an undivided heart, and cause me to be single-hearted in loving and serving to You today. Lord, I desire that remove all the clutter from my life that threatens to choke the seed of Your word in me. Lord, me focused on You, and cause me to cut off every pursuit that is incompatible with Your best purpose in my life. Lord, teach me to tend the garden of my heart, to water it daily with Your words, to weed out immediately anything sown into it is not of You. Teach me to keep my heart pure and clean, a temple which the Holy Spirit is pleased to dwell in. Lord, keep me tender-hearted. Help me to remain tender to , to Your prompting, Your correction, and to the corrections of others. Lord, plough my heart continually with Your word and Your Spirit, so I remain sensitive to You. Keep me from being self-righteous and proud, from becoming bitter, from becoming calloused with sin and unforgiveness. Lord, I want a heart like Jesus'. I want a heart that yearns for You and seeks to glorify You in everything I do...a soft and malleable heart in the hands of the Almighty Creator-Lord, take my heart today, and make it a heart after Yours! In Jesus Name I pray, amen. Banerjeebabu

Mr. dokka Banerjee babu
Hope of Glory Ministries [India]
H-No=5-170/171, GANGURU
Vijayawada, A.P 521139
Phone: +91-866-2581289