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horsemen_knight.jpgI Call You to Battlehorsemen_knight.jpg
While praying at church New Year's Eve I believe God prophesied through me.  The following is a summation of that prophesy.
We are called into battle. God is telling us to put on the whole armor of God. He warns us that many have already fallen and that many more shall fall. So He tells us to put on His Son, to put on the whole armor of God so that when we go out into battle we may not fall, but shall be able to withstand the attacks of the enemy. He calls us to be willing to LIVE for Him that, should it come to that, we will be able to DIE for Him. In preparation for this God calls His people together. He does not call them by denomination or by church, but He calls them as a father would call His children.

We are the children of God if we believe in Jesus Christ and have received Him as our Lord and Savior. And our Lord is returning for ONE bride, His Church, the Body of Christ, over which Jesus is the head. He will soon, very soon, pour out upon His children His Holy Spirit. He is even now preparing those who shall speak to the winds. This is not something God has called me to do, but He has called me to speak to the dry bones (see Ezekiel 37). I know of at least one person who God has specifically trained to speak to the winds. This is about a last day (not latter day) revival. It shall come to pass soon. I can not put a time period on it, but I can make a guess. I will not do so however. Know only that God has set many things into motion already. The enemy thinks they have one final chance to turn God's plans to chaos, but God has gone before and has made all the appropriate counter moves to the enemy's. Trust in Him. Perservere. Hold fast.