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Inmate's Love Chapter

(1st Corinthians 13 paraphrase by David Brollier)

You know, even if I could understand all the different languages, street lingo and gang talk that other inmates speak and even if I could understand the way lawyers talk, if I don't have love I become just another annoying sound in this prison. And let's say I told the truth, that I always told the truth, and somehow was able to understand why I was in this godless place, or if my faith was so strong that I could lift mountains of doubt from in front of myself and others, if I don't have love, I'm nothing. If I give all my Commissary to the new inmates who have nothing and even take the heat for things I didn't do and don't have love I gain nothing. Let me tell you about love. Love will hang in there when everyone else has given up on you, love earns respect by showing respect, love doesn't worry about what the other guy is thinking. It doesn't act crazy and isn't out to be number one. Love isn't something that gets ticked off at the least little thing and it doesn't think about all those things that wronged it. Love is strong enough to carry every problem. If you find that people will not trust you, love will trust you. If you feel that you've gone too far and are without hope, love still hopes in you. And when no one else could possibly endure the things you or anyone are going through, love will endure them for you. You see, love never fails. I've heard all kinds of teachings, but there will come a day when all of that will fade. I've heard opinions galore, but they will cease. Every aspect of human knowledge shall one day vanish along with every language, dialect and jargon on the earth. Sound crazy? Well, maybe that's because we only see part of the picture, but soon One is coming who is perfect and when He comes He'll bring perfection with Him. When that happens all that is imperfect will vanish. When He comes we'll finally understand and see the whole picture and the need for all those glimpses will no longer be needed. You see, when I was younger I was a punk, I spoke like a punk, I understood things like a punk, and acted like a punk. Then I grew up and put away all those stupid things. It's like this, we're on the outside of some great mansion looking in and the only windows that we can look through are all dirty, but then the Master of the house comes out and we shall see Him face to face. Now I tell you that I only know a fraction of what He has for me to know, but when my Lord comes I'll know Him just as fully as He now knows me. Until then there are these three things that remain; faith, hope and love. From where I can see, the greatest of these by far is love.

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