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I was blessed with my 1st son, David, 6 years ago; he is a wonderful boy. He listens to me and obeys me, whatever I teach him he never forgets, he holds onto it like a treasure. So I felt impressed in my heart that I need to speak with him more about the Lord so that he can always have the fear of the Lord and the love of the Lord in him.

When he was about three, he used to be very scared of lightning, so I told him not to be afraid and that Jesus is in his heart, and that whenever he was afraid all he had to do was touch his heart with his hand and say Jesus I love you and thank you for being with me. Ever since then, whenever David was scared I saw him touch his heart with his hand and then smile.

Last month I was going through a lot of turmoil, my husband had been laid off from his job for 5 months, we were getting financially drained out and I was totally confused and overwhelmed. So I put both my two boys (I have a 6-month-old boy also) to bed and went to the living room and was waiting on my husband who had gone to the store.

I was feeling lonely and I just started crying my eyes out and I heard the bedroom door opening and I saw David walking towards me. I immediately wiped my tears and smiled. He knew something was wrong so he walked up to me and said, “Mommy are you alright? Are you afraid of something?” I said, “Yes honey mommy is a little afraid.” Immediately he took my right hand and placed it on my heart and said, “Jesus is with you mommy, He is always with you, don't be afraid, He will take care of you and mommy I will take care
of you too.”

When I heard him, tears of joy just flooded. I hugged him and then looked up towards Heaven and said, 'Father forgive me for I was not looking at my blessings and joy and your security but instead I was looking at the storm, thank you Lord for being with me'.

Jesus is always with you and He will take care of you. Next time you are afraid, just place your hand on your heart and you will immediately know that Jesus is there for you. Remember Isaiah 43:5, where the Lord says, 'Do not be afraid, for I am with you'.

By Caroline N.


(I do not know who this woman is, but received an email with this testimony in it.  I contacted the ministry about using this article and was giving permission to do so.  Know this, Scripture says, "...a child shall lead them."  Those of use who are Christian parents have frequently been led by our children to a closer walk with the Lord.)