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Gary's Testimony

My testimony,

I am a singer/songwriter called according to His Purpose, His Kingdom, and His Glory; recording as "Dewitt Gentry"

I gave my heart to Jesus kneeling in a cold gray prison cell, surrounded by concrete & steel. It was my third time in prison and I had tried everything the world had to offer in order to fill that void in my life. That night, Jesus touched me!!!!

At this time in my life, I had been writing, singing, and recording country and southern rock music for about 10 years. I had never really been involved with church and I had very limited knowledge of Christian music. So, as God fine tuned my abilities and the Word became more prominent in my life, I began to write my own songs unto the Lord.

I could provide details of my past that would probably amaze most. For my life was typical of one who might land in prison three times. But with Jesus, it's not about where you have been, it's about where you are going!!

Only Jesus can take a shattered past and give it a future! Only Jesus can take a broken, beaten heart and give it hope! Only Jesus can take an utterly hopeless situation and provide a victory! He can do for you what He has done for me! Praise God!!!!

I walked out of prison five years ago for the third and final time. Though my journey since then has been tough, Jesus has been there for me every step of the way. I have been unable to find descent employment due to my past. Yet, every time there has been a need, God has provided. Sure, I could put together some slapstick band and make good money playing in bars and clubs, but I have chosen to use my God given talents for HIS PURPOSE, HIS KINGDOM, AND HIS GLORY! And He is using that which He has given me to change lives!!

When God give me a song titled 'Don't Make Me Leave You Behind' I never dreamed that I would receive the tremendous response that I have experienced. I can honestly say that people have given their hearts to Jesus because of this song. The odd thing is, not only does it tug at hearts of the lost, but it also ministers to and comforts the body of Christ as well. It has been widely received by both!!!! (Only God can do that!) I give all honor, glory, and praise to my Father in heaven.

I have this song and many others freely available at:

Reverend Gary L. Laymon
"Dewitt Gentry"

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