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blodyrose2.gifI'm doing something here that I've told others not to do, and that's use dark lettering on a dark background.  There is a reason.  I want you to be constantly aware of the fact that it is the blood of Jesus that is of the most important thing to you and to me, for it is God's display of His love for us.
blodyrose2.gifThat being said I want to say a few words about the following Bible studies, articles and testimonies.  Three of these sections are specifically designed to explore how God's Word can be seen in other writings.  Another is to express what we feel God has laid upon our hearts.  One more is to praise God through the word of our testimonies.  If you will examine each of these categories you will see that it is all about Jesus, the Word of God.  Is it any wonder that God's Word can be seen through out the literature of mankind?  I think it's actually difficult to get away from.  Think of it.  Jesus IS the Word.  So to create parables that teach of Him, to see Him in literature, specifically "The Lord of the Rings" should come as no surprise.  Likewise, we who are moved by the love of Jesus are allowing His Word to flow through us that the insights God gives to us may be made known to others.  And lastly, what have we to give praise for in and of ourselves?  Nothing!  If it weren't for the LOVE of God, shown forth by the giving of Jesus, His only Son, to shed His BLOOD for our sins, there would be little reason for praise.  Yes, there are many things to be thankful for in life, family, friends, beauty (of nature), and much more.  Yet do any of these things have any meaning if Jesus isn't our Lord and Savior?  So we give Him the praise and glory, as He deserves.  He is the light upon the dawn that gives glory to a new day.  He is the brilliance of every worthwhile thought.  It is Him, who shines through our relationships with friends and families that helps us understand what our relationship with our Heavenly Father should be like.  He is all in all.  He is Alpha and Omega.  He is the Beginning and the End.  He IS the Word of God!  Therefore read with joyful hearts the submission herein and be strengthened in Him, be encouraged in Him, be uplifted in Him.  For He is our strength our life, our stronghold.  In Him we do humbly come that we might boldy stand before the throne of God.  David