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A Dark Stranger

A dark figure moved in and out of the night shadows as quietly as the Summer night's breeze. Yet he wasn't trying to be silent. He was simply walking the park, enjoying the night air. Suddenly, he saw movement in the distance, followed by the stifled screams of a young woman. Drawing his black cloak close to him he ran to the spot. There the stranger saw three gang members struggling with a young female jogger. Stupid joggers should know better than to be out in the park at night.

"Look man," one of the gang members cried, "the freak's seen us."

With that they ran, leaving the woman behind. Her clothes were torn, but she looked to be in good health, although somewhat rattled.

"Here, let me," the black garbed youth said, extending his hand to help her up. Hesitantly, she took his hand. Then the young man took off his cloak and wrapped it around her.

"Th.. thank you," she said.

"Let's get you out of here," the young man said.

As he led her out of the park she took in his features. He was thin as a rail, wearing black jeans and a black T-shirt. His hair might have been any color, but was colored black as India ink. His youthful face was unnaturally pale, contrasted with black eye liner and lips colored a deep purple. His hands too, seemed to be more that of a specter than a human, pale as his face and nails deep purple.

Exiting the park he found a policeman and brought her to him.

"This man bothering you ma'am?" the gruff officer asked.

"Why no! No sir. It was because of this young man that I'm in as good as shape as I am. Some gang members jumped me when I was jogging. This boy came right up to them and they ran."

"You sure about that ma'am?"

"Of course."

"Can you identify those men who attacked you?" the cop asked.

"Late teens, white, blue and white bandanna. All had dark hair and eyes. That's about as much as I could tell you."

"What about you son? You get a better look at them?"

"Yeah?" the young Goth replied. "It's Vinny and Frank Hallman and that new kid, Sherman White."

"Yeah, that figures. Thanks."

"Listen, take care of the lady and tell her not to go jogging in the park at night."

"Thanks again kid."

The strange black garbed youth shrugged his shoulders and as he turned to walk away said, "It's nothing. It's what Jesus would have done."

Some people think the parable of the Good Samaritan doesn't fit some of today's situations. Yet, as in the fictional story above we see that the parable has everything to do with life today. It was the outcast, the Samaritan, not the priest or the Pharisee, who helped the man who was beaten. So if Jesus were here today and wished to teach us who our neighbor was don't you think the above parable is something like what He'd tell? Jesus was asked that pointed question, "Who is my neighbor?" The answer, although told in a dramatic story, both by Jesus and here, is simple. Our neighbor is anyone we come in contact with. Think about that the next time you don't think someone is worthy to be part of your church or little Christian group. God's not looking for a "Jesus Social Club", but people who will love Him, and that can receive His love. For to THEM God gives the power to become His very children.