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What Communion Means to Me

by David Brollier

          To some Communion is just an additive to the service that we must endure, how sad. To others the thought of the death of Christ never comes before them, how tragic. To others they understand its significance, but are not afforded the chance to make things right between themselves and God or themselves and one another. Many other well-meaning Christians don't get the full impact of the Lord's Communion.
          I have spoken to them with tears as I have followed our Lord in my mind, visually, from that supper to the prayer and betrayal in the Garden of Gethsemene. I have followed with Peter and John to the courtyards of the high priest where I have seen Peter deny Jesus three times. I have, in my mind, seen the pain on the Lord's face as He locks eyes with Peter at that moment and Peter runs out and weeps bitterly. I have watched as the Roman guards have mocked our Lord, stripping Him, whipping Him, placing upon Him a crown of thorns, thorns which were like 6 inch spikes. I watched as they pounded those thorns into our Lord's head as they beat Him with a rod, as they whipped Him until He barely resembled a person at all. I have watched this disfigured, bleeding man stand erect before Pontious Pilot, not giving any defense.
           I have heard the crowds scream out for His death. I have followed our Lord up the road to Golgotha, wishing I could do something for Him and knowing that if it were not for me, for my sins this death would not be necessary. I cry as Peter, tears of bitterness. I cry as Mary tears of heartache. I cry as the disciples, tears of loneliness. I hear Him from the cross praying that these things would not be held against these people. Incredible! I hear Him cry out in pain as the sins of the world come crashing down on Him and land on the cross to be crucified with Him. I hear Him grant eternal forgiveness to the thief at His side. Am I that thief?
          Then the earth shakes violently. The sun is blotted out. Darkness and silence cover the earth for Light and Life has been put to death. I see the disciples hide in a little room, locked for fear of the Jews, fear that a similar fate might await them. Then, in all this agony, in all this bitterness, in all this darkness I hear a noise and see a light. The tombstone has been rolled away and behold, MY REDEEMER LIVES. Like Mary I run to grab hold of Him and He speaks to me in words that no other can speak, for He alone knows my heart. HE IS RISEN!
          The bread and wine of the Lord's Supper are but bread and wine. Yet look at the meaning behind THIS bread and THIS wine. Does it not make you bow your head in shame? Does it not make you fall to your knees and seek forgiveness? Does it not compel you to seek forgiveness of your neighbors and even your enemies? Although simply bread and wine, does not THIS bread and THIS wine compel you to greater service to the One who gave His body up to be broken for you, who let His blood flow freely for your sins? If this act does not move you it is better that you not take part in this ceremony, for to you that is all it has become. Yet if you have gone with the Lord from Gethsemene to Golgotha you are moved to a thanksgiving unlike and incomparable with all other praises. For you KNOW that this God became a man so that He might take upon Himself YOUR sins. How marvelous and immeasurable is the grace and mercy and love of our Lord. So as I stand or sit with the wine and the bread, I am with the disciples in an upper room in Jerusalem. As the Lord explains the meaning of the bread and the wine He turns to us and says,
"One of you will betray me."
          I look at my heart and ask Him, "Lord, is it I?"

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